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Welcome to Pop 'n' Pizza by me, Adam Frazier. I’m a trash evangelist and entertainment writer with bylines at SlashFilm, Geeks of Doom, First Showing, and Nightmare on Film Street. I’m also an enthusiast of space fantasy and spooky stuff with a deep, abiding passion for the weird, the rad, and the totally bonkers.

Pop ‘n’ Pizza is a weekly newsletter that highlights my favorite things in pop culture and pulp fiction. Here, it’s always Saturday night. It’s an endless sleepover, and the house is fully stocked with only the finest canned pops and snack cakes. You’re on your way to Movieland Video in your mom’s Subaru to rent some movies, then picking up pizzas and cheesy breadsticks from Papa's Pizzeria & Subs.

It’s going to be a good, good night.

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You’re looking for recommendations on the weirdest and wildest stuff in pop culture but don’t have the time to dig through the ditches and burn through the witches to find the good stuff. Pop 'n' Pizza offers a snapshot of something cool (whether it’s a movie, book, podcast, or streaming series) and provides additional recommendations based on the subject.

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